SB-2000 USB Radio Interface


  • Connect your computer with USB port. No need serial or parallel port

Most of Radio programs are built based on COM serial port of PC computer. But the most latest PC computers don’t have a serial port.

  • USB to UART bridge by FT232 single chip. USB 2.0 compliant. Full speed.

To be compatible with the legacy radio program, we still have to keep using serial port. That’s why we choose to use USB to UART bridge which converts the USB to serial port. FT232R is very reliable industry single-chip USB to UART bridge. 

  • CAT, CI/V controller and audio transformer are combined together.

No sophisticate software setting. Very clearly operate from reachable setting on the control panel. It supports CAT with RS232 protocol. So it’s compatible with the most latest transceivers.


  • Complete isolation between computer and radio station.
    • Optical isolation used for digital signal.
    • Audio signal isolated 1:1 transformer. It has internal static isolation. Excellent EMC(Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Operated by computer USB power. No need extra power.

When you are in your expedition or mobile, you will not have extra power headache with SB-2000. It uses the power from your computer’s USB port.

  • Very compact size, easy to carry.

    Weight less than 400 grams. Pocket size only.
  • Supply with full accessories.

It comes with USB, CAT or CI/V, Data and audio cables.


SB-2000 links your radio transceiver with the computer.

  • Control radio operation via CAT, CI/V.

You can control your radio if it supports CAT or CI/V protocol from your computer.

  • Operate RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, FAX, etc. digital mode.

From your computer you can easily operate digital mode with proper software. Turn your computer into a professional expensive DTE.

  • Transmit and receive CW.

If you want to be relax operate CW, you can choose to use software to send or receive CW. Use your computer keyboard instead of paddle or straight key. Read all received Morse code from your computer screen.

  • Support ECHOLINK to control remote station.
  • Record your SSB voice session.
  • Support FSK operation.

Ready-to-use cable list

ACC-101 Yaesu desktop

FT-1000MP(MK-V, MK-V field), FT-2000, FT-9000(DX)

ACC-102 ICOM desktop

IC-746, IC-7400, IC-756, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800

ACC-103 ICOM mobile

IC-703, IC-706(MK2, MK2G), IC-718, IC-78, IC-7000, IC-7200

ACC-104 Yaesu MDIN COM

FT-450, FT-950

ACC-105 Yaesu MDIN

FT-100(D), FT-817, FT-857(D), FT-897(D)

ACC-106 Kenwood 13DIN

TS-570, TS-2000

ACC-107 Kenwood MDIN

TS-480(SAT, HX)

DB-25 plug definition


The earlier SB-2000 only supports up to 14400bps which is fast enough for most rig control operation. And it's more stable than more higher speed. Please check your transceiver's manual for how to change the speed.

For some yaesu transceivers, if it can not be transmitted due to low AF-input level. Please check the transceiver's manual for increasing the AF level.

For Yaesu FT-2000, please go to Setting menu 029 GEnE CAT RTS, set it as OFF. Then you can use CAT function properly.

For Yaesu FT-450, please go to Setting menu CAT RST, set is as DISABLE. Then you can use CAT function properly.

SB-2000 user manual

New SB-2000 driver (XP, Vista & Windows 7, 7-64)

New SB-2000 driver (win8)

New SB-2000 driver (win10)




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