CG-3000 Automatic Antenna Tuner


Covers all HAM bands from 1.8-30 Mhz continuously just using a 8 meters or longer wire antenna.

200W PEP supports most amateur stations.

Easy and quick to tune. 200 memory channels

Solid and robust waterproof housing.

Compact size and light weight.

It can fit long wire, mobile whip, vertical antenna, dipole antenna(without balun), etc.

An affordable and easy solution for you to construct a full band antenna.


Tunable frequency: 1.8 - 30 Mhz with long wire antenna from 8 meters
Input impendence: 45-55 ohms
Input power: 10 - 200W PEP
SWR: <2:1
Power supply voltage: 12V +/- 10%
Current consumption: <0.8A
Auto tuning time:

Approx. 2 seconds (first time tuning)Less than 1 second (return to memory frequency)

memory channel: 200
Weight: 1.8 KG
Size: 310mm X 240mm X 72mm (L - W - H)


Pi matching network

CG-3000 is designed with Pi matching network. It provides more wide tuning range and covers whole HF band. Using 9 solid inductors, the total inductance ranges from 0 to 32 uH. They can give 255 combinations with a resolution of 0.25 uH. 5 capacitors are used at the input side, the total capacitance ranges from 0 to 6300 pF with 31 combinations. Other 5 capacitors are used at the output side, the total capacitance ranges from 0 to 755 pF with 31 combinations. So totally they give 245055 tuning combinations.

CG-3000 user manual

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